Helo Controllers and control pan

Looking for electric heater controls, control units or control panels for your electric heater?

We have a wide range of controls, control units and control panels for Harvia and Helo electric heaters.Read more.

Is your heater missing a working control panel? Don't worry, you'll find it in our range. Our range of spare parts for electric heaters is very diverse, but if you can't find the right control panel, control unit or controller for your heater, please contact our customer service team and we'll find it for you. Some electric heaters come with a control panel when purchased, but if it is broken or your heater does not yet have a control, you can order a new one from us.

The electric heater controller is a modern solution

A control panel or control unit for an electric heater brings convenience to your everyday life. Control panels are drop-resistant and a stylish part of the bathroom. The control panel makes it simple to turn the sauna on and off and adjust the desired temperature. We also want modern solutions for our sauna and the control panel is one of them. Electric heater control panels, control units and controllers can also break and typical problems include the screen going dark or the screen going off. 

We have classified the controls separately for Harvia and Helo brand heaters to make it easier to find the right control. If you know the model of your electric heater, you can use our advanced search to help you find the right controller.


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