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If you are interested about substitute heating elements, you’ll find them here. We always recommend to change all the heating elements, even though only one of them did broken. All the electronic household appliances should be handled by professional. If searching for specific product we suggest you to use our search tool. Set the product number you are searching for there and you’ll find the right spares to your appliance. We recommend you to confirm the compatibility of your appliance and spare part.

Maintenance of your sauna stove

We recommend you to maintain regularly all of your household appliances. One of the appliances that needs to be maintained yearly is sauna stove. The most common reason why heating elements burst, is over spent sauna stones. To avoid bending of heating elements, all the sauna stones should be changed once in a year. At Finnish household sauna is usually in heavy use, and sometimes stones needs to be changed more often then once in a year. Reason why heating elements burst is that the warmth of elements doesn’t proceed to the stones. At this point heating elements starts to warm too much and bend. When changing sauna stones, it is good to also clean the stove at the same time. Sauna stove is the electric appliance at home that warms in high degrees without being supervised all the time. This is also the reason why we want to take good care of our sauna stoves and change stones and heating elements regularly.

Helo heating elements

Helo is one of the most popular sauna stove brands in Finland but also internationally. Heating elements of sauna stove needs to be changed from time to time. This is the reason why you’ll find all the original Helo heating elements from our webstore. If you are looking for substitute heating elements for your Helo stove, we have them too. If founding any troubles at ordering, contact our customer service.

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