Kastor Heating elements

You can find Kastor electric stove heating elements in our range

Did your Kastor stove heating element break? Don't worry, you can replace the heating elements of your Kastor electric stove. Read more

You can find original heating elements in our online shop by model and brand. We are an authorised dealer and service centre for many different appliance manufacturers. By buying original resistors from our online shop, you are sure to get quality and reliable spare parts for your Kastor heater. Even if only one heating element in your Kastor heater has failed, we recommend replacing all the elements at once. If you are not sure about the compatibility of a heating element with your Kastor heater, please contact our customer service and we will ensure compatibility for you. Our online shop has a wide range of products, but there are also many products that we have not yet added to our online shop. So if the heating element or spare part you are looking for is missing, please contact our customer service or contact us here.

Heater maintenance

Why did your Kastor stove heating element break? It is likely that the stones in your heater have worn out. The stones should be replaced about once a year, depending on the level of use. The heater stones store the heat generated by the heating elements. If the stones are too worn out, the heat from the heating elements will not be transferred to the stones, possibly causing the elements to warp and break. Regular maintenance will avoid the need to replace the heater's heating elements.

Finding a compatible heating element for your heater.

A stove is not unusable if the heating elements are burnt out. We do not recommend replacing the heater with a new one if the heating elements are burnt out, as the heating elements are replaceable. Do you find it challenging to find the right heating element for your Kastor heater? To make it easier for you to find a matching heating element, we have classified heating elements by brand and model number. In addition to the original heating elements, you will also find replacement heating elements (matching heating elements) in our range. You can also find the number of heating elements per appliance in the product information, so that you can order the right number of heater elements at once. If you are looking for a specific model or a specific heating element, you can also search for the right heating element using the advanced search.

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