Description of file in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) § 10 and § 24.


Placing an order in the online shop of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. does not require registration. If you do not wish to register, Huolto Vuorio Ltd. only collects such personal data of the customer as is necessary in order to fulfill the order.

However, you may register as a customer of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. when placing an order, or at any other time, and then you accept your personal data being stored in the customer register of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. Registration will make it easier for you to place an order with us in the future and makes it possible for you to see the orders in your customer account after registration.

You may also choose to become a customer of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. by ordering our newsletter and special offers to your email. Then you accept that Huolto Vuorio Ltd. saves your contact information in the customer register and uses them in its own marketing.

Privacy and confidentiality

The data in the customer register of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. are confidential. As a customer you shall observe due care and caution when using our online shop. Huolto Vuorio Ltd. never asks for nor saves the customer’s bank connection and /or credit card information.

Keeper of the register

Huolto Vuorio Ltd. (Business ID: 0460022-2)

Register administrator

Kari Vuorio

Email: kari.vuorio(a)

Register names

Customer register of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. and newsletter subscribers’ register of Huolto Vuorio Ltd.

Purpose of the personal data files

Huolto Vuorio Ltd. collects personal data for taking care of customer relationships. The legal basis for handling personal data is the contract between the customer and Huolto Vuorio Ltd. An additional legal basis is the mandatory legislation. Providing personal data is a prerequisite for entering a contract. In other words – you cannot place an order in the online shop without giving your personal data.

We also collect personal data for marketing. Then the legal basis for handling personal data is customer’s consent or legitimate interest.

The personal data in the customer register are handled in connection of orders, billing, mailing, customer contacts, service development, reporting, marketing and other activities related to taking care of the customer service. Purchases and other customer dealings handled in the register may also be used for profiling and targeting offers, benefits and other marketing measures as well as making customer communication more interesting to the receivers. The personal data in the newsletter subscribers’ register are handled in connection of sending out newsletters and when a person participates in competitions, lotteries and other marketing events. 

Data content

Customer register: customer’s first name and surname, address information, telephone number, email address, purchase and shopping information, feedback information, username and password, alternative delivery addresses.

Newsletter subscribers’ register: name, email address, information on consent to or ban on marketing, information on participation in marketing campaigns (for example lotteries) and information related to subscribing the newsletter.

NB! Huolto Vuorio Ltd. does not collect nor save the customers’ bank connection and /or credit card information.

Regular sources of information

The customer’s own notification and their purchase and communication information in the data processing system of Huolto Vuorio Ltd.

Regular submission of information and data transfer outside EU or European economic territory

Huolto Vuorio Ltd. does not submit information in the customer register to outsiders, except in case of statutory obligation, or with the exception of our sub-contractors, which participate in organising direct marketing, information system upkeep or taking care of the customer’s order for example by sending products by post or handling the payment procedure.

Principles of register protection

The information in the company’s customer register is confidential. The registers are kept electronically and they are appropriately protected from outsiders by firewalls and by using other technical barriers. Only appointed persons have the right to use and maintain the information, protected by passwords, in the registers. The users are bound by an obligation to secrecy.

Storage period of the register information

We will store the personal information for as long as it is necessary for carrying out the purpose of the register or in order to observe the law.

Customer rights: information inspection, correction and prohibition

The customer has the right to inspect what information concerning them has been saved in the registers.  The request for inspection has to be sent in writing and with the sender’s signature to the customer service of the company.  The request for inspection can also be made in person at the above mentioned address, and then the customer must present an identity card. Huolto Vuorio Ltd. answers in writing to the requests for inspection in accordance with the Personal Data Act. If there are mistakes in the customer information, the person in question may ask the company to correct the mistakes. The customer has the right to prohibit the use of their information in direct marketing by notifying the customer service of Huolto Vuorio Ltd. about it. The customer may also cancel direct marketing by following the instructions published in each newsletter. 


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