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Sauna heaters and accesories

Harvia electronic sauna stoves from

Finland is known of it’s sauna culture. People abroad might think it is strange that most of the Finnish households has own sauna. Even small Finnish flats can include sauna. It has been also trending in Finland to have sauna across the yard. In Finland sauna is big part of our identity and it is deeply rooted in Finnish traditions. However, sauna and Finland’s sauna culture has start to interest in abroad as well. Especially the health benefits of sauna has start to interest at abroad. You can find one of the most popular sauna stove providers stoves from our online store; sauna stoves of Harvia. The biggest manufacturing plant of Harvia is at Muurame in Finland, even though the company has expanded all around the world. You can read more about history of Harvia here.

Sauna stove of Harvia creates the atmosphere to sauna. We have chosen Harvia sauna stoves in our selection because of the good reputation and high quality of the brand. Harvia is Finnish sauna provider that has developed and sold sauna stoves with 70 year experience. Harvia has reached position as one of the best sauna stove producer around the world. We have choose in our selection multiple different size and models from Harvia sauna stoves, to fit in your needs. Depending on the sauna size that you are having, you will find the perfect electric sauna stove from our selection. Harvia sauna stove is classic and modern, that keeps appearance of your sauna timeless.

Why to choose electronic sauna stove instead of wood heated sauna?

Electronic sauna stove brings wanted easiness. Sauna stove is easy to turn on and off, it heats up fast and with control panel it is very easy to set wanted settings. Electronic sauna stove doesn’t need to be heated under supervision. Electronic sauna stove can also be installed easily on the apartment buildings.

Remember to maintain your sauna stove regularly

It is important to remember maintenance of electronic sauna stove. Easiest and simplest way to take care of your stove is to change sauna stones at least once in a year. This way you can avoid burning of heating elements. However, at some point heating elements of sauna stove can burn out. You will find all the original spare parts to sauna stoves here. You can also find original Harvia accessories for sauna heaters from our selection here.