Sauna stove Heating elements

Equivalent heating elements at a great price in our online shop!

Nowadays, electric sauna heaters can be found in many households. The heating elements are the heat source of the electric sauna heater and if they break, you can no longer take a sauna. Replacing the heating elements is usually cheaper than replacing the entire electric sauna heater. So by opting for a electric sauna heater repair, you save the environment and money!

In our selection you will find heating elements from a wide range of manufacturers for many different Harvia, Helo and Kastor electric sauna heaters. If you find that your heating element has broken down, you can get your heater back in working order at a reasonable price with the equivalent heating elements. We warmly recommend replacing all your heating elements at once, saving you time and effort. Please note, that the replacement of heating elements should only be carried out by a professional electrician.

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