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Sawo Aries Wall electric heater 9,0 kW NB

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Thanks to its innovative design, the Sawo Aries Wall heater is a practical solution for smaller and larger saunas. The Aries Wall electric heater combines the best features of a tower heater and a wall heater with its rich steam of heat and an installing options that take considerably less space.

Thanks to its large amount of stones, Aries Wall makes the steam cast at low temperatures feel wetter, hotter, and fuller. Sauna experiences like this are almost impossible to achieve with a normal wall heater. Although the Aries Wall heater is a rugged sight in the sauna rooms thanks to the large amount of stones and the stylish Nordic design, it can still be integrated into the sauna as seamlessly as a wall heater with different installation options.

The Aries Wall electric heater can be easily installed either directly on the wall or the heater can also be embedded in benches using an immersion collar. The recessed collars for the Aries Wall heater are made of wood, stone, and steel. If the heater is to be installed on a wall without immersion in benches, we recommend that you get a guardrail with the heater. The guardrail is made of high-quality materials.

The Sawo Aries Wall heater is available in three different models and with four different powers. The first of the options is the NB model, which is equipped with a built-in control center. Another model option is the NS model, for which a power unit and controller must be purchased separately. The last, but not the least, is the Ni2 model, which has a built-in power unit. For Ni2 models, the Saunova 2.0 controller must be purchased separately.

Sawo Aries Wall 9,0 kW NB technical information:

  • Width 415 mm
  • Depth 250 mm
  • Height 1030 mm
  • Power 9000 W
  • Size of the sauna 8-14 m³
  • Heating elements 3 x ARI300
  • Timer 8+4h
  • Max amount of stones 65 kg (stones are not included)

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