Sawo heating elements

Sawo heating elements

Searching for Sawo heating element to your Sawo sauna stove? You can find from our selection multiple different Sawo heating elements to fit in your stove. Read more

If you don’t find heating element that you are looking for, please contact our customer service and we will search it for you. Make sure before ordering that the heating element is compatible to your sauna stove. Our Sawo heating element selection includes heaters to these popular models: Sawo Aries, Sawo Tower, Sawo Phoenix, Sawo Nordex and Sawo Scandia.

Did your Sawo heating element burnt?

Burnt heating element is easy to fix and there is no need to buy completely new sauna stove. Easiest way to get your electronic sauna stove working again is to order new heating element from our online store and replace burnt element with it. Sauna stove doesn’t have to be changed in to completely new one if only heating elements has gone broken. Even though only one heating element has gone broken from your sauna stove, we recommend you to change all the heating elements at the same time. If one Sawo heating elements burns out, it is very likely that the other heating elements will burn soon too. Easiest way is to order all the heating elements at the same time.

Maintenance of Sawo sauna stove

All domestic appliances need to be maintained regularly. So does electronic Sawo sauna stove. When was the last time you changed sauna stoves? We recommend to change your sauna stones once in a year. This way you can avoid that heating elements burns out. When changing the sauna stones, we also recommend you to clean your sauna stove at the same time.


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