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Tulikivi electric stove heating elements from Huolto Vuorio

You can also find original heating elements for Tulikivi heaters in our online shop's range of heating elements.Read more

Heater heating elements can break, but in this case the heater is not unusable, because Tulikivi heater heating elements can also be replaced. It is recommended that you replace all of the heater's heating elements at once and that the work is carried out by a professional electrician. If you are not sure about the match between your heater model and the heating element, you can contact our customer service and we will confirm this for you. Our online shop has a wide range of products, but there are also many products that we have not yet added to our online shop. If the heating element you are looking for is currently missing from our range, please enquire about the product from our customer service or by contacting us here.

Service of fireplace heaters

Do remember to take care of regular maintenance of your Tulikivi heater, won't you? Regular maintenance of your stove will help you to prevent the heating elements from warping and breaking. If the heater's elements do break, it is not worth replacing the whole heater immediately. Tulikivi heating elements are easy to replace and you can order the elements for your heater quickly and conveniently from our online shop. A common reason for heater elements to break is the wear and tear of the heater stones. Heater stones should be replaced annually, depending on the degree of use. If the heater stones are too worn, the heat from the heater elements will not be transferred to them. In this case, the heating elements can become warped and then break.

Find the right heating element for your Tulikivi heater.

In our online shop, we have classified heater elements into original elements and replacement elements (matching elements). We classify our heater elements by brand and you can find compatibility information in the product information. If you are not sure about compatibility or the number of heating elements you need, please contact our customer service and we will help you. If you have an exact model or a specific heating element you are looking for, you can also search for the correct heating element using the advanced search.

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