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Vacuum cleaners

Electrolux vacuum cleaner spares from

Searching for vacuum cleaner spare parts? Shop from our online store spares to vacuum cleaner. We have categorized our spares in to nozzles, hoses, handles, adapters, filter packages, dust bags, filters, HEPA filters, vacuum cleaner tubes, cable reels, fresheners and vacuum cleaner motors. Most of our vacuum cleaner spares are made for Electrolux vacuum cleaners but you can also found a lot of spares that are compatible for multiple different vacuum brands. Read more

We all have vacuum cleaner at home. It is necessary domestic appliance. Vacuum cleaners are including many plastic spares that can go broken during use. Vacuum cleaners are designed from multiple different plastic spares that can be changed if goes broken.  This is the reason why there is no need to buy completely new vacuum cleaner if only on spare part is broken. All the parts from nozzles to handles are dispensable. Most common part that needs to change and passes off is nozzle of vacuum cleaner. You can find from our selection Nozzles to Electrolux vacuum cleaners but also nozzle that fits in to multiple different vacuum cleaner brands.

Take care of your health by changing the filter of vacuum cleaner regularly

When was the last time that you changed the filter of your vacuum cleaner? This is the important part of maintenance of vacuum cleaner but we often forget it. Clean filter keeps the inside air clean and the suction effectivity intensive. Filter usually needs to be changed when you notice that the suction effectivity has decreased significantly. However, we can’t see particulates that stays in air if the filter isn’t clean. One of the important maintenance operations is to change the dust bag. If vacuum cleaners dust bag is full, all the dust comes back to air and makes the inside air unhealthy.