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Vallox Service and Spare Parts

We operate as an authorized Vallox service center, and in our online store you will find most Vallox spare parts, and what you will not find you can ask. You will find spare parts for Vallox ventilation equipment on this page.

Vallox 100 and Vallox 120 spare parts

Prior to the Vallox brand, air conditioners were manufactured under the MUH Ilmava name, such as the Muh Ilmava 100 and Muh Ilmava 120, if you need to ensure compatibility with the Muh Ilmava 100 and Muh Ilmava 120, for example, please contact our customer service. For Muh Ilmava models, there are different fans for different types of fans. So be sure to tell us what year your Muh Ilmava air conditioner was made. This information can be found on the nameplate on the inside wall of the device.

Original Vallox Fans

If you are looking fan for Vallox airventilation system like fan for Vallox Digit, Vallox Digit 2 SE, Vallox 130E, Vallox 250 you came to the right place. Just choose the model you have and find the right fan or spare part to your shopping basket. If you can not find what you are looking for, dont be afraid to ask it from our customer service.

Vallox Filters

You will also find original Vallox filters under each model-specific page. It is recommended to use initial filters in the air handling unit to prevent air from flowing past filters that are too small. Because most of the filters sold in supermarkets are made for devices from several different manufacturers, and not all of them may be fully suitable for that particular product.