We have expanded the range of products in our online shop and you can now find a wide range of household appliances, small appliances and spare parts for household appliances from many different brands.We are specifically focused on the spare parts and accessories category for household appliances and our diverse range of brands includes spare parts for brands such as: Electrolux, AEG, Rosenlew, Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Upo, Asko and Beam. Our product selection also includes Festivo refrigerators, freezers and fridge freezers. Appliances wear out in use and need spare parts. Our range also includes spare parts for ventilation units, spare parts for cooker hoods, spare parts for household appliances: spare parts for dishwashers, spare parts for refrigerators, spare parts for stoves and ovens.

From our wide range of spare parts for household appliances, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for

Our range of spare parts for household appliances is very diverse and there are thousands of products in our online store. This is why we have divided our products as clearly as possible into sub-categories. We have categorised the various spare parts for household appliances into sub-categories, so if you are looking for a sauna heating element, you will find these in our online shop under the category other spare parts and accessories in the section sauna heaters.For vacuum cleaners: nozzles, handles and dust bags, for ventilation machines: filters. Spare parts for sauna heaters: heater heating elements, control panels, contactors and many other spare parts for household appliances. Because of our wide range of products, we also have a wide selection of appliances and spare parts that you may not yet find in our online shop. If you can’t find the spare part you need, please contact us by sending us a message or calling our customer service.

Why domestic appliance should be fixed instead of buying new

We have multiple different domestic appliances at home helping us in everyday life. We are also quite dependent on our domestic appliances. Because of this, our weekday can get a lot more difficult if some of the appliances stops working. We are opening and using fridge several times every day. Most of the apartments and houses doesn’t have these days anymore spaces where to keep foods in cold. If the fridge stops functioning, brings it unwanted headache and frustration. If the domestic appliance gets broken, we are often thinking these days that we need to buy new one. Usually at this point, some spare of the appliance has only gone broken and there isn’t need to throw whole machine away. To protect our environment, the best alternative to function when domestic appliance has gone broken, is to replace the broken part with spare part. Usually this is also the best alternative for your wallet. Buying new domestic appliance is expensive invest and recycling of the old appliance in proper way isn’t free either. You can try to found it by yourself, what part could be broken or ask from out customer service. However, we do not recommend anyone who hasn’t have licence to handle electric appliances change spares by themselves.

How to extend the mileage of the domestic appliance

Most ideal way to extend the mileage of the domestic appliance is to maintain the appliance regularly. It is important to use the home appliances the way that they are designed and take care of the maintain that is needed. To use only the original spares and maintain appliances only with the cleanser that are produced by manufactures, you can extend the life of the appliance significantly. Do you have sauna and electric sauna stove at home? Example of important appliance maintenance is to changes the stones of stove approximately once in year. By doing this, you can avoid the twist of heating elements. One of the most common home appliances that everyone has at home is vacuum cleaner. This is also one of the domestic appliances that requires regular maintenance. Did you knew that only by changing the gasket of your vacuum cleaner can suction effectivity increase 20-30%? You can find all the spares to Electrolux vacuum cleaners from out webstore here.