Shipping & returns

General information is an online store, which is managed and maintained by Huolto Vuorio Oy (business ID 0460022-2, Lukkosepänkatu 4, 20320 Turku). The trade agreement between the customers and Huolto Vuorio is primarily governed by these terms and conditions, and in other respects by Finnish and EU legislation regarding consumer and business transactions, marketing and advertising. Huolto Vuorio reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. The terms and conditions in force at the time of the order, which are available on the website of Huolto Vuorio Oy (, shall always apply to orders. 

Huolto Vuorio Oy is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, which can be considered as an unforeseeable circumstance or a change in circumstances beyond the control of Huolto Vuorio Oy. Huolto Vuorio is obliged to inform the Customer of force majeure without delay.

Ordering products

The customer should carefully read the product information before placing an order. All product information can be found on the product page of the online shop. If you are not sure about the suitability of a product or would like to receive further information about a product, please contact our customer service before placing an order.

A binding order is created when the order is sent from the online shop. The Customer is obliged to check the content of his order carefully before sending the order, accepting the terms and conditions and paying. The Customer understands and accepts that the order is subject to payment.

When shopping in Huolto Vuorio’s online store, the customer must provide correct and complete information about themselves for the delivery of the order. The required information includes name (first and last name), e-mail address, telephone number, postal address and, separately, delivery address. If you want your order to be delivered to a different delivery address, please fill in the delivery address field with the recipient’s details. The customer is always responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The information provided by the customer will be used only and exclusively for the measures necessary to promote the order, unless explicit permission to send marketing material has been given. 

Prices and online payment

The prices shown in our online shop always include VAT, but not delivery costs, unless otherwise stated or agreed. Delivery costs are revealed at the time of ordering, allowing the customer to choose the delivery method of their choice. If there are obvious price errors in the price list, the product will not be sold at a clearly lower price if it can be assumed that the customer has understood the existence of the error. Huolto Vuorio reserves the right to cancel an order in the event of a clear product or price error.

Huolto Vuorio’s online shop sometimes offers customers discount coupons, which can be used to get, for example, free delivery costs. As a rule, a customer can only use one discount voucher once, unless otherwise stated. To benefit from a discount voucher, the discount code must be valid at the time of ordering. The discount cannot be activated retrospectively. In case of problems with the use of the discount code, please contact our customer service to solve the problem.

You can pay for your order using the payment methods available at the end of the ordering process. Svea and Klarna are the payment intermediaries in our online shop. After the payment transaction, the order is entered into our online shop system for processing. In case of any problems with the payment, please contact the payment intermediary or our customer service in the first instance. Customers have the possibility to choose the invoice payment method from the invoice options offered by the payment intermediaries. Payment must always be made through our payment intermediaries and we do not send invoices to our customers by mail, e-mail or any other means, except in exceptional circumstances.

If the customer does not use any of the payment methods indicated on our website, the customer can place the order via our customer service, in which case we will send an invoice for the order to the e-mail address provided by the customer. A surcharge of 10 EUR (incl. VAT 24%) will also be added to the invoice. By paying the invoice, the customer accepts the order and its contents. The order will be dispatched only when the payment has been credited to Huolto Vuorio’s account.

Availability of products

Most of the products in our online shop are stock items, the stock status of which can be found on the product page. If the product is not a stock item, we will provide a delivery time estimate. We always try to ensure that the availability information on the product page is up-to-date, but we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the information, the availability of the products or their sufficiency. Many products are subject to availability problems due to the global situation, so the delivery time estimate is not always up-to-date, as estimates may change radically within a short period of time. Delivery time estimates are based on information provided by importers and manufacturers. If you need a product urgently or to be delivered by a certain date, please contact our customer service first.

If the delivery of the products is delayed beyond the estimated time, Huolto Vuorio tries to inform the customer of the delay as quickly as possible. The customer accepts the new estimated delivery time, if the order is not canceled and the contacts are not answered without delay. It is possible to cancel the order if the new delivery time does not suit the customer.

Occasionally, our online store may contain products that have been discontinued or the availability of which has changed significantly. We aim to remove discontinued products from our online store immediately. If an order contains a product that has been discontinued, we will inform the customer without delay and will refund the money for the ordered product in full, and the transaction will be deemed to have been cancelled for that product. We can also offer a replacement/replacement product to replace the discontinued product. The customer accepts the replacement product by responding positively to our request.

Delivery of the order

Huolto Vuorio Ltd delivers products throughout Finland (including the Åland Islands), as well as to many EU countries, and by special agreement also outside the EU.  

For domestic shipments within Finland, you can choose between the parcel services of Posti and Matkahuolto. Orders to foreign countries are always delivered on a per-order basis, via Postnord or Posti. For orders to the Baltic countries, we use Posti.

For large products we deliver via Postnord or DB Shencker. Delivery does not include collection, but the products are delivered to the premises of the delivery address of your choice. If you would like an additional service such as a carry-in, please contact our customer service. Additional services are not included in the delivery price and will be charged separately.  

When your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a tracking code in your email, which will direct you to the website of the carrier of your choice, where you can track the progress of your order. If the order does not arrive within a reasonable time, please contact our customer service team and we will sort it out with the carrier. You can also contact the carrier of your choice directly in case of problems. 

Once the parcel has arrived at the pick-up point, you will receive an arrival notification via SMS and email (note: users of the Omaposti app will no longer receive a separate arrival notification via SMS, only the app will notify you of the arrival of the parcel).

If not all the products in your order fit in the same package, we will deliver them in several packages. You will receive tracking codes for all packages separately if your order comes in multiple units. 

Huolto Vuorio is responsible for damage or loss of goods ordered from Huolto Vuorio and transported to the customer during transport.

Failure to collect the products does not constitute a refund. Packages not picked up from the pick-up point by the customer will be returned to Huolto Vuorio. Please check the arrival notification for the storage period of the parcel to avoid such situations. Huolto Vuorio is entitled to charge the customer for the costs incurred by the non-collection. Customers of Posti and Matkahuolto can purchase additional pick-up time for their parcel via the carrier’s own website. 

You can also pick up the products you have ordered from our online store from our office (Lukkosepänkatu 4, 20320 Turku). You can pick up your orders during the opening hours of our shop (weekdays 8-16). If you have chosen the pick-up from the store option, you will receive a pick-up notification by text and e-mail.  

Huolto Vuorio shall not be liable for any defects in the delivery that are beyond its control. Such situations may include, for example, incorrect delivery information provided by the customer or incorrect delivery of the package by the carrier. We will help to clarify the matter if an error has occurred, but we are not liable for any additional costs that may be incurred, for example, by transporting the parcel. 

Checking the content of your order

When you pick up your parcel, please remember to check the external condition of the parcel. If the parcel looks obviously damaged, it should not be accepted. You can file a damage report together with the carrier’s representative. If you collect your parcel from a parcel machine, please document the damage to the parcel in the form of photos and send them to our customer service.

After receiving and opening the package, please check the condition of the products without delay. Sometimes packages may be externally flawless, but the goods inside may be susceptible to breakage (e.g. ventilation fans, glass parts, vegetable boxes, etc.). 

If the product/delivery is faulty or broken, please inform our customer service as soon as possible. Under the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer customer has the right to report the defect within two months of its discovery. In case of a complaint, we hope that the customer will take pictures so that the defect can be verified as easily and effortlessly as possible.

If we confirm that there is a defect in the product/delivery, we will replace it with a faultless product. Huolto Vuorio is liable for the defect of the product under the legal liability for defects alone or jointly with the manufacturer of the product.

Huolto Vuorio’s liability does not cover damage to the product after delivery, normal wear and tear of the product or damage caused by use of the product contrary to the instructions for use and care, maintenance or repair work other than that carried out by Huolto Vuorio.


Huolto Vuorio does not provide a separate warranty for the products. Any warranty on the products is governed by the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer. Spare parts do not have the same warranty as, for example, household appliances, so situations are always considered on a case-by-case basis, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case of any warranty situation, please contact our customer service. You will receive a delivery note with your order, which will serve as a receipt for your purchase, as well as a warranty certificate.

Right of return

The points below apply only and exclusively to consumer customers. Business customers are not entitled to a refund. Additional conditions for business customers can be found below. 

Under the Consumer Protection Act, consumer customers have the right to cancel an order placed online or via customer service (distance selling) within 14 days without giving any reason. 

Please keep the product in its original condition until you have decided to keep the goods (including the sales packaging). We will not accept products that have been altered or are not in their original condition. The returned product must be free of defects and in the condition in which it left our warehouse.  

Huolto Vuorio’s right of return is 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. You will receive a return form with the delivery, which you can use to return the product to the Posti branch. The return form includes a return number, which will be given to the postal clerk. Please fill in the fields on the return form as clearly as possible. Please pack the items to be returned as well as possible to keep them intact. We would also appreciate it if you would inform us of the return by e-mail to: verkkokauppa(a) 

Remember to keep the receipt you received from the postman, because if the parcel is lost, the loss of the parcel is the responsibility of the customer if no receipt is presented.

The return must be accompanied by all possible accessories, such as user manuals and brochures. If a trade cover has been included with the order, this must also be returned in addition to the original products.

Returns with a postal return number are free of charge for the customer. You can also return your order to our shop free of charge. 

Restrictions on the right of return

The right of return does not apply to products made according to the customer’s wishes. For example, cables sold by the metre. We also do not accept returns of hygiene products if the packaging has been opened. Such products include razors, towels, etc

Electrical parts such as heating elements, ventilator fans, circuit cards, capacitors… are not returnable if the product has been plugged in. When we receive electrical parts, we thoroughly check their condition. Please always contact our customer service first if you are unsure whether the part is suitable for your device.

Please note that electrical components should only be installed by a qualified professional. Huolto Vuorio will not be liable for any damage that may be caused by incorrect installation of the product. Nor can we give advice on the installation of electrical components.

Return refund

When a return shipment arrives at our warehouse, we will process it as soon as possible. You will receive an acknowledgement email when your return has been processed. We will only refund returned items if there are multiple items in the order. We will refund the full value of the order (including postage).  

The customer will be refunded the original value of the product on the order, and possible price changes that occurred afterwards will not be taken into account. The customer will not incur additional costs for the return refund.

The money for a returnable online purchase order will be refunded using the original payment intermediary service. It is not necessary to provide your account number to our customer service. It may take a few working days for the money to be returned. 

Additional terms for business customers

As a business customer, you can create an account in our online shop. If you create an account for your company in our online shop, the following information is required. Once you have created an account, you will be able to see any discounts and promotions. 

Business customers can pay for their order through the normal payment intermediaries, or alternatively choose to pay by invoice. The invoice will be sent to the billing address provided by the business customer. On the first invoicing occasion, we require our business customers to make an advance payment on the invoice. If the invoices submitted are not paid on time or other problems arise, we may temporarily suspend the purchase of the business customer. If you have any problems or doubts regarding invoicing, please contact us by e-mail at reskontra(a)

Huolto Vuorio is not liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or loss of income caused by the product. The liability of Huolto Vuorio is always limited to the contents of these terms and conditions.

The warranty period for equipment purchased for business use is determined by the manufacturer’s warranty terms, and the expiry of the warranty period terminates the liability of Huolto Vuorio. Physical opening of the product to modify the equipment will terminate the warranty and the seller’s liability, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. 

Huolto Vuorio is not obliged to perform the contract if it encounters force majeure which it cannot reasonably overcome. Huolto Vuorio shall not be obliged to compensate the Customer for any damage or costs incurred by the Customer in the event of force majeure and shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement. 

By submitting a request for quotation/order, the customer unquestionably accepts Huolto Vuorio’s terms and conditions. Any procurement contracts used by the customer will not be followed if they conflict with Vuorio’s terms and conditions. 

Business customers do not have the right to return products ordered from the online store.

Settlement of possible disputes

In the event of a dispute between the parties concerning the transaction or these terms and conditions, the parties will seek to resolve the dispute through negotiation in the first instance. The consumer-customer has the right to submit any dispute arising from this contract to the Consumer Disputes Board ( Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Service of the Registrar’s Office (

Questions about conditions?

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, you can contact us by e-mail at verkkokauppa(a), by phone on 02 2330 440 (weekdays 9-15), or via our chat service (weekdays 8-16).