Electrolux Activated Carbon Filter ECFB03 (9029798809)

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Electrolux Aktiivihiilisuodatin ECFB03 sopii Electrolux EFP129X, EFP126X, LFG235S liesituulettimiin, ja Juno JDF603E9 liesituulettimeen. Tuote korvaa myös seuraavat suodattimet: Faber / Roblin: 112.0554.153, Faber / Roblin: 112.0556.527, Faber / Roblin: 112.0506.172, Franke: 112.0564.564, Whirlpool: 488000728263, Airlux: CR800.

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Electrolux Activated Carbon Filter ECFB03 fits Electrolux EFP129X, EFP126X, and LFG235S cooker hoods.

Compatible models:

Product number Model Brand
942022265 EFP129X ELECTROLUX
942022266 EFP126X ELECTROLUX
942022664 LFG235S ELECTROLUX

Product details:

  • Height: 4 cm (40 mm)
  • Diameter: 12.5 cm (125 mm)
  • Package includes 2 filters

This product also replaces the following: Brand, part number

Other models compatible with Activated Carbon Filter ECFB03:

Model Serial
ETL 60S GR/XS EURODOMO 3150547783
ETL 60S WH EURODOMO 3150547784
FBI 532L GR FRANKE 3050545448
FBI 532L XS FRANKE 3050545449
FBI 732L GR FRANKE 3050545453
FBI 732L XS FRANKE 3050545454


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