Electrolux Extendable Oven Tray 37.5-52 cm (9029802189)

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Electrolux Extendable Oven Tray (9029802189) brings unmatched flexibility to oven usage. Adjustable width from 37.5 cm to 52 cm, depth 31 cm. Fits a variety of ovens, enhancing culinary versatility in every kitchen.

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Electrolux Extendable Oven Tray. It redefines flexibility in cooking. This tray’s width adjusts from 37.5 cm to 52 cm. It fits various oven sizes perfectly. With a depth of 31 cm, it accommodates many dishes. It’s ideal for both large gatherings and daily meals.

Electrolux Adjustable Oven Tray Product Details:

  • Width: Adjustable from 37.5 to 52 cm.
  • Depth: 31 cm.
  • Compatibility: Fits many brands and models.
  • Additional Info: Check our oven tray category for fixed sizes. Contact customer service for help.

This tray is a kitchen must-have. It maximizes oven space efficiently. It’s versatile, fitting several brands and models. Need help finding the perfect tray? Our customer service can assist.


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