Vallox Slim-Line Glass 500 + Sliding Mechanism (Gray)

53,95 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Vallox Glass with sliding mechanism for 50 cm wide Vallox Slim-Line cooker hoods and fans.

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days

Original Vallox spare part.

Glass with sliding mechanism for Vallox 50 cm wide Vallox cooker hoods.

Colour: Gray

Fits the following Cooker Hoods and Fans:

Vallox Slim-Line: PTX, PTXP, LTX, TTX, TTXP (27983)

Vallox Slim-Line: PTXP MC, PTXPA MC (27983)

Vallox Slim-Line: KTX, KTXEA, KTXA (27983)


KTX, KTXA, KTXEA, LTX, Vallox PTX, Vallox PTXP, Vallox PTXP MC, Vallox PTXP SC, Vallox PTXPA MC, Vallox PTXPA SC, Vallox TTX, Vallox TTXP

Cooker hood model

Vallox Slim-Line


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