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Festivo home cold system

Festivo is the only Finnish manufacturer of domestic refrigeration appliances. Festivo fridges, freezers, and other refrigeration appliances are equipped with the Key Flag label as the domestic content of the appliances is up to 80%. Festivo refrigeration appliances are known for their high-quality materials, precise Finnish craftsmanship, and timelessly beautiful design. Festivo refrigeration appliances are particularly eye-catching, as a refrigerator, fridge, or freezer that is 2 meters high is the eye-catcher of the kitchen. Festivo refrigerators are also generously sized in width, so there is certainly enough space to store your food.

If you’re thinking of buying a new fridge freezer, we recommend that you think about what you want in advance. Fridge freezers are particularly popular as most people need both a fridge and a freezer in their kitchen and the most convenient solution is to have them combined. If you like your drinks extra cold, we recommend that an ice maker is one of the accessories for your fridge freezer.

With Festivo refrigeration equipment, you can build the package you want, which includes the appliances you need. With Festivo’s building tool, you can design the perfect refrigeration combination for you. From the accessories, you can choose the refrigerator and vegetable boxes you want to include in your Festivo refrigeration combination. We can also supply you with a Festivo ice maker for your refrigerator set, which is installed on the second shelf of the freezer.

Why choose Festivo home cold system appliances from us? You can find Festivo refrigeration appliances at a special low price compared to our competitors. You can also get your fridge-freezer, freezer, wine cabinet or refrigerator delivered to your home and, if necessary, carried in.