Electrolux USK10 Ultracaptic vacuum cleaner filter set

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Filter kit for Electrolux ultracaptic vacuum cleaner. Replacing the vacuum cleaner filter will improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

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Electrolux USK10 Ultracaptic vacuum cleaner filter set. The Electrolux starter kit is specifically designed for the UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to this kit, you have everything you need to freshen and maintain your new UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner.

The washable motor filter protects your vacuum cleaner’s motor dust tank from dust particles. To maintain the excellent performance of your UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner, we recommend washing the motor filter regularly. When the filter is dirty, wash the filter by removing it from the vacuum cleaner and washing it under running water. By changing the filter regularly, the vacuum cleaner will maintain its efficient airflow and suction power.

The H13 washable filter filters out even the finest pollen, mould spores, dust mites and allergens. To ensure the performance of your vacuum cleaner, we recommend washing this filter whenever it is dirty. Wash the filter under running water and allow the filter to dry before reinstalling it.

s ®fresh ® lemon spreads a light and clean lemon scent in your home every time you vacuum. Easy to use: open the bag, spread the granules on the floor and vacuum. We recommend using one air freshener bag for each dust bag change.

The starter kit contains one washable motor filter, one washable Allergy Plus™ Filter and 4 s ®fresh® lemon bags.


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