Harvia Xenio CX110 Control unit

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Harvia Xenio CX110 is an electric heater control unit for max 11kW stove.

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Harvia Xenio CX110 Control unit, a stylish control center, is the perfect choice for managing your sauna. With an easy-to-use and clear control panel, you can adjust the temperature, on-time, lighting and ventilation of your sauna. You

can install a compact control panel wherever you want it, in a sauna, washroom, or even in the living room. This control panel is suitable for electric heaters under 11 kW.

About the control center

• Temperature control range 40-110C

• Preset time adjustment range 0-12 h

• Maximum load 11 kW

• The Xenio control center model includes its own power unit, which is installed in a dry space outside the sauna.

• On-time adjustment range: Family saunas 1-6h, public saunas 1-12h


Xenio (CX)

Sauna heater power (kW)

max 11 kW


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