Cilindro spareparts

Harvia Cilindro electric heater spare parts with fast delivery from our online store!

Harvia Cilindro is a stylish pillar heater that offers great heat and a stunningly stylish look. Cilindro is produced in power ratings from 6.6kW to 10.8kW, so spare parts vary slightly depending on the power of the heater.

Heating elements for all different Harvia Cilindro models!

All Harvia Cilindro electric heaters always come with three heating elements, and the shape of the heating elements varies depending on the heater’s power. When replacing the heating elements, we strongly recommend that you also replace the support for the heating elements and, of course, the stones in the heater. The PC66/EE model heating elements, PC70/EE model heating elements, PC90/EE model heating elements and PC110E/EE model heating elements can be ordered from our online shop, above all at a reasonable price and quickly.

Other Harvia Cilindro electric heater spare parts

Our selection is not limited to Harvia Cilindro heating elements, you can find all the spare parts you need for your Cilindro heater from us. For example, if the temperature sensor fails, the heater may show different symptoms. Temperature sensors for PC66EE, PC70EE, PC90EE and PC110EE can be easily found in our online shop. We also offer other electronic parts such as power unit, control panels (ZSME-200-1, WX601) and datacables (5m, 10m and 20m) for Harvia Cilindro heaters.

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