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Order clocks and timers for Helo, Harvia and Sawo electric heaters from Huolto Vuorio!

Looking for a spare part for your Helo or Harvia heater? If your heater needs a new clock or timer, you can now find timers from popular heater brands such as Harvia and Helo in our selection.

You can also find Harvia timers as well as clocks and thermostat knobs. In addition to the Helo timer, we also have clocks in our range. Always remember to check compatibility with our customer service by calling, messaging our chat service or sending an email. You can find our contact form here. If you need other spare parts, we recommend you to visit our spare parts for electric heaters website, where you can also find original heating elements for e.g. Harvia and Helo heaters at low prices.

Electric heaters are household appliances that can generally withstand long and hard use. Finnish-made heaters such as Harvia, Helo and Tulikivi are of very high quality and made to last. However, some heaters are so heavily used that a part of the electric heater may require replacement and spare parts more often than others. However, it is clear that electric heaters require maintenance and occasional spare parts.

Under no circumstances should an electric heater be discarded or replaced if a part breaks. In our online shop you will find spare parts for electric heaters of various brands. The spare part you are looking for is certainly in our range and if you cannot find it in our online shop, please contact our customer service and we will find it for you.

Remember, however, that electric heater spare parts should always be replaced by a professional electrician.