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Vacuum cleaner handles for Electrolux, AEG, Bosch, and Siemens

Shop from our online store handles of vacuum cleaners. Our selection includes Electrolux handles that are compatible for Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner handles are made of plastic and they can easily break. The handle is the part of the vacuum cleaner, that quickly gets hit on the floor and might go broken. If your handle got broken, there isn’t a need to buy a completely new vacuum. You can order a new handle for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner from our online shop. If you are not sure about the compatibility, contact our customer service and we will help you. Are you searching for other vacuum cleaner spares? You can find them here.

Vacuum cleaner handles for many different Electrolux models

The vacuum cleaner handle can break down completely. Luckily you can get a new one as a spare part, so you don’t have to replace the whole vacuum cleaner. You can get Electrolux vacuum cleaner handles with fast shipping from our web store. We have authorized service for Electrolux vacuum cleaners, so if you don’t find the right handle for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, we can find it for you.

Handle 2193710387 fits many Electrolux vacuum cleaners with a 36 mm connection. You can also find the same handle with the remote control, with spare part number 140055192078. If only the seal of your Electrolux vacuum cleaner handle is broken, you can replace it with a new one, handle seal spare part number is 1181809011.

What to do, if I can’t find the right handle?

If you can’t find the right handle for your Electrolux vacuum cleaner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service, and will find it for you. We have a chat service, where we can help you every working day from 8-16. Please, give us the pnc-prod-number from the type plate at the bottom of your vacuum cleaner, so we can find the right spare parts for your Electrolux device.

Beam vacuum cleaner handles

You can find Beam handles at HuoltoVuorio. Beam Platinum, Alliance, BM, and Mini vacuum cleaner spare parts. In addition to Beam central vacuum cleaner handles, handle replacement parts include a switch, handle control panels, and hose bushing.

Our range is expanding according to the needs of our customers. If you cannot find a suitable handle to replace a broken one please contact our customer service and together we will find the right handle for you.