Harvia HPC4L Illuminated Guardrail for Cilindro heater

349,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia HPC4L Illuminated Guardrail for Cilindro 10,8 kW models

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Harvia Guardrail HPC4L is a worthwhile way to add not only light but also safety for sauna users around the Harvia Cilindro stove. The LED light strip on the guard rail provides spectacular illumination of the stone mass of the Cilindro stove. The guardrails consist of four wooden arches, which are fixed to each other and to the stove with stainless steel brackets. Crafted from heat-treated birch wood, the handrails create an elegant and pleasant contact surface with the sauna interior. For Cilindro 10,8 kW models.


Cilindro (PC)


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