Harvia Cilindro/Glow/Kivi Immersion collar HPC2

175,70 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia HPC2 Immersion collar for models Cilindro, Glow and Kivi

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The Harvia HPC2 immersion collar is a great way to make the sauna heater embedding look clean and stylish. The stainless steel immersion collar also acts as a thermal radiation shield, making the immersion opening only slightly larger than the stove, giving the whole a uniform appearance.

In addition to the Cilindro stove, the HPC2 immersion collar can also be used to immerse Glow and Kivi stoves.

The HPC2 collar is also available with lighting. The illuminated collar’s item code is HPC2L.


Cilindro (PC), Globe (GL), Glow (TRT)


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