Bosch Siemens 3-Part Microfilter for Dishwashers (17008311)

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The Bosch Siemens 3-Part Microfilter (17008311) protects your dishwasher and extends its life. Fits many models, easy to install. Original spare part.

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The Bosch Siemens 3-Part Microfilter for Dishwashers (17008311) is a premium accessory designed to ensure the optimal operation of your dishwasher. This microfilter is highly effective in capturing fine particles and hard water deposits, preventing them from reaching and damaging the pump.

Product Details:

  • Part Number: 17008311
  • Replaces filters: 10002494, 00492046, 00418404, 00175712, 00170740, 00427903
  • Tested and approved accessory
  • Suitable for all dishwashers with adjustable water hardness settings

By using the original Bosch Siemens microfilter, you protect your dishwasher’s pump, ensuring longevity and durability. This three-part filter set is easy to install and fits a variety of models, including all those with adjustable water hardness. Opting for the original Bosch Siemens Microfilter guarantees your appliance’s efficiency and long-term performance.


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