EBM Fan R2E140AI2831 185W

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Right-handed centrifugal fan for ventilation machine. The EBM fan R2E140-AI28-31 has a power of 185 W.

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Right-hand EBM Centrifugal Fan R2E140-AI28-31 185W.

Suitable for the meny devices:

Vallox, Meptek / Swegon, Enervent, Iloxair, Sunair/ Parmair.


You can check the compatibilities inside the additional information tab below.


DIVK 380, DIVK 95-400, Enerpak 400, Fenix 120, Iiwari Eco 130, Iiwari Eco 90, Iiwari Kak, Iiwari Kx, Ilox 97, Ilox 97 W, Ilox 99 Optima, Ilox 99 Optima W, Ilox MOSAIK, Ilpo T-10 Econo, Ilto 100X Control, Ilto 400, Ilto 430, Ilto 440 Control, Ilto 440 Premium, Ilto 450, Ilto 453, Ilto VG400, Ilto X100 Control AC, Ilto X100 Premium AC, Kair 450, KAIR Comfort 130, KAIR Comfort 180, KAIR Control 470, KAIR MODULI 2800, KAIR MODULI 2804, KAIR MODULI 3800, KAIR MODULI 4800, KFA140L, KPA140R, LTR-3-120, LTR-3-ACE, Muh Ilmava 100, Muh Ilmava 120, Piccolo ECE AC, Pingvin 120, Pingvin ACE, Plaza AC, SONESTAIR R, Sunair 130 RW AC, Sunair 450 / MX / e / e-MX, Sunair 500-MX, Sunair 501 AC, TFE140R, TT 1

Fan Power (W)

180 W, 185 W

Tarvikepuhaltimen yhteensopivuus-merkki

(Swegon) Ilpo, AirWIse, DeeKax Oy, Enerpak Oy, Ensto-Enervent Oy, Fläkt / RexoVent YM, Iloxair, Kair, LGH-Kanavapuhallin, Pamon, SunAir, Swegon Ilto, Systemair, Vallox






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