Electrolux EF108W Air Cleaner Allergy Plus™ Filter

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Electrolux EF108W allergy plus filter is compatible with Electrolux Z9122 and Z9124 air purifiers. Remember to change the filters of your air purifier regularly.

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Electrolux Air Cleaner Filter EF108W ensures dust-free indoor air with this washable filter, which intercept even the smallest particles, like a pollen, mold spores, dust mite waste and allergens. The exhaust filter cleans the air which is leaving from the air filter.

This filter is suitable for the following air filtes: OXYGEN Z9122, Z9124.

To maintain the best performance of your air purifier, we recommend changing the filters at least twice a year or always, when they are dirty to the eyes.

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Dimensions 41,5 × 32 × 3,1 cm
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Electrolux Oxygen Z9122, Electrolux Oxygen Z9124


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