Electrolux EF117 carbon filter package to air cleaner EAP150

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The Electrolux EF117 carbon filter is suitable for the EAP150 air purifier. Please remember to change the filters of your air purifier regularly to ensure the best performance.

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Electrolux EF117 carbon filters are genuine replacement filters to the EAP 150 air cleaner.

The air cleaner blows air into the apartment, which has been cleaned by passing it through filters.

Carbon filters pick up large particles, like dust, animal hair and lint. They absorb to themselves stinky gases, e.g. tobacco smoke, biowaste and coming from cooking.

The Cleancel™ antimicrobial surface reduce of breathable air bacteria and fungal organisms effectively and eliminates microbial odors.

So that the air cleaner can blow clean fresh air into the apartment constantly, the carbon filter must be replaced regularly.

It is recommended to replace the air cleaner filters every 3 months. This package of four filters is enough to ensure clean airfor one year.

The package contains 4 filters, whose reference is EF 117

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