Electrolux EF137 UltraCaptic motor filter

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Electrolux EF137 filter for UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner. Remember to change the filters in your vacuum cleaner regularly.

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This original engine filter is designed specially to the Electrolux UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner.

A washable filter protects the vacuum cleaner engine from the dust particles in the dust container. The performance of the vacuum cleaner lasts excellent because of the washable filter. When the filter looks dirty, remove it from the vacuum cleaner and wash it under running water. When you change the filter regularly, the airflow and suction power of the vacuum cleaner lasts efficient.

Using the original filter you ensures the most possibly efficient cleaning ability. Universal filters, on the other hand, may impare the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

The package includes a one washable engine filter.

Electrolux engine filter reference is: EF137.

The reference for the washable UltraCaptic filter is EFS1W.


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