Electrolux Ergoeasy – Microfilter for vacuum cleaner with frame

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Micro filter for Electrolux Ergoeasy vacuum cleaner. Remember to change the filter of your Electrolux Ergoeasy vacuum cleaner at least twice a year.

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Electrolux Ergoeasy – Microfilter for vacuum cleaner with frame. This original microfilter is made by Electrolux For Ergoeasy vacuum cleaner and its models ZTF 7610…7660, ZTI 7610…7671..This high quality framed microfilter filters dust particles from the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner. high-quality material allows for excellent filtration and ideal dust removal ability.To ensure the best performance of your Ergoeasy vacuum cleaner, replace the microfilter at least twice a year or always, when it is clearly dirty. Non-original filters, on the other hand, may weaken the performance of the vacuum cleaner.This package contains a one microfilterErgoeasy microfilter reference: EF 75C.


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