Electrolux ZE141 Flowmotion nozzle with LED 36mm

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Electrolux ZE141 36mm nozzle with LED light. Electrolux ZE141 nozzle is suitable for carpets and floors.

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Electrolux ZE141 Flowmotion nozzle with LED light, oval 36mm

With the FlowMotion LED nozzle, you can get the most out of your vacuum cleaner. With patented motion-activated LED lights equipped nozzle allows you to easily see dust in difficult areas – sofa, bed and under and behind the dresser. The nozzle is quiet, flexible and easy to use in any direction and on any surface in your home – always from carpets to hard floors.

Soft, gentle wheels and easy-to-use function for vacuuming carpets.

Easy to control, optimal dust removal from all floor surfaces.

1x FlowMotion LED -nozzle

2x AA-batteries


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