Gorenje Convert Fresh Zone Drawer (820541)

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The Gorenje Convert Fresh Zone Drawer (820541) keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer with its innovative temperature control.

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The Gorenje Convert Fresh Zone Drawer (820541) is a cutting-edge solution for maintaining freshness. Designed for Gorenje fridge-freezers, this upper vegetable drawer creates an optimal environment for storing fruits and vegetables. Its unique feature is the ability to maintain a temperature 2-3 degrees lower than the fridge’s average temperature, significantly extending the shelf life of your produce.

Product Details:

  • Spare Part Number: 820541
  • Compatibility: Upo NRF65EW, Gorenje NRK61-, NRK62- models

Choosing the Gorenje CFZ Vegetable Drawer ensures your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. Its innovative design makes it an essential accessory for any kitchen that values food quality and freshness.

Compatible fridge-freezers:

Gorenje Compatible models

Art. Num (Product num.) Model
740159.0 NRK612AW4
741098.0 NRK612AXL4
735829.0 NRK6191ES5F
735822.0 NRK6191EW5F
737005.0 NRK6192ABK4
737006.0 NRK6192AC4
737008.0 NRK6192ACR4
737007.0 NRK6192AR4
735889.0 NRK6192AW4
736944.0 NRK6192AW5
736066.0 NRK6192AXL4
735830.0 NRK6192ES5F
735823.0 NRK6192EW5F
737214.0 NRK6192SYBK
737215.0 NRK6192SYW
743144.0 NRK619CA2W5
742864.0 NRK619CA2XL4
741248.0 NRK619DA2XL4
738245.0 NRK619EABXL4
737251.0 NRK6201SYBK
737252.0 NRK6201SYW
737078.0 NRK6202AC4
736285.0 NRK6202AW4
736286.0 NRK6202AXL4
743233.0 NRK620CA2XL4
742865.0 NRK620DA2W4
741312.0 NRK620DA2XL4
738694.0 NRK620EABXL4
743745.0 NRK620ESYBK
736849.0 NRK692XL5
736667.0 NRK86192W
736798.0 NRK86192X
741424.0 NRKP61DA2BXL4
741426.0 NRKP61DA2W4
741425.0 NRKP61DA2XL4
741423.0 NRKP61EA2W4
741421.0 NRKP61EA2XL4

Upo Compatible models

Art. Num (Product num.) Model
737310.0 NRF65EW


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