Gorenje Microwave LED Lamp (872039)

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The Gorenje Microwave LED Lamp (872039) is a top-notch replacement for various microwave lamps, compatible with specific Gorenje, Hisense, and Mora models.

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Is your microwave lighting lacking its original brightness? The Gorenje Microwave LED Lamp (872039) is a superior replacement that will restore your microwave’s lighting to optimal levels. This LED lamp not only replaces a variety of well-known brands but is also compatible with specific models from Gorenje, Hisense, and Mora.


  • Product Number: 872039
  • Replaces: Siemens/Bosch, Electrolux, Midea, Panasonic, LG, Samsung
  • Compatibility: See specific model compatibility below

Compatible Models

  • Gorenje: BM17-, BM20-, BM25-, BMI2-, BMX2-
  • Hisense: BIM3-, H23M-, H28M-, H29M-, H30M-, HB20-, HB25-
  • Mora: VMT1-, VMT3-, VMT4-


Hisense Yhteensopivat Tuotteet

Product (Art.No.) Type Model
742350 XY925Z BIM325G62BG
742528 XY925Z BIM325GI63DBG
737341 XY823Z H23MOBS5H
741505 XY823Z H23MOMS5HG
737347 XY928Z H28MOBS8HG
740950 XY928Z H29MOBS9H
740948 XY928Z H29MOBS9HG
740324 TC034A2LX H30MOBS10HC
739150 XY820Z HB20MOBX5G
738283 XY820Z HB20MOBX5UK
739151 XY825Z HB25MOBX7G
738961 XY825Z HB25MOBX7GUK

Gorenje Yhteensopivat Tuotteet

Product (Art.No.) Type Model
740503 XY717Z BM171EG1X
738290 XY820Z BM201AG1BG
740247 AG820A3DF BM201AG1X
740247 AG820A3DF BM201AG1X
738288 XY820Z BM201AM1X
738287 XY820Z BM201EG1BG
738286 XY720Z BM201EM1X
738323 XY925Z BM251SG2BG
738324 XY925Z BM251SG2WG
738289 XY820Z BMI201AG1X
738325 XY925Z BMI251SG3BG
738321 XY820Z BMX201AG1BG

Mora Yhteensopivat Tuotteet

Product (Art.No.) Type Model
738327 XY820Z VMT125X
738328 XY820Z VMT325X
738860 XY925Z VMT445X

Why Choose the Gorenje Microwave LED Lamp (872039)?

This LED lamp is the go-to choice if you want to replace a dim or faulty microwave lamp. Designed to be compatible with several Gorenje, Hisense, and Mora models, it provides a universal solution for microwave lighting issues.



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