Gorenje Refrigerator Handle (475278)

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The Gorenje Refrigerator Handle (475278), constructed with reinforced metal, is designed to seamlessly fit a range of Hisense, Gorenje, and Upo fridge-freezers. With its robust build and sleek design, this handle ensures durability and a modern touch to your kitchen appliance, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Perfect for those looking for a universal solution to fridge accessibility.

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Introducing the reinforced metal Gorenje Refrigerator Handle, a universal fit designed especially for a selection of Hisense, Gorenje, and Upo fridge-freezers.

Product Details:

  • Length: 33 cm (330 mm)
  • Distance between fixings: 30 cm (300 mm)
  • Depth: 7.5 cm (75 mm)
  • Manufacturer: Hisense/Gorenje
  • Compatible brands: Hisense, Gorenje, Upo
  • Manufacturer’s Code: 475278

This handle is suitable for the following Hisense and Gorenje refrigerator models:

  • NRK6192MW-, RK6191AW-, RK6191EW-,
  • NRK6191MW-, RK6201AW-, NRK7191JW-,
  • NRK6191GHW-0-, NRK6191CHW-, RK6192EW-,
  • RK6202EW-, NRK6191CW-, NRK6192GHW-,
  • RK6192AW-, RK6192LW-, RK6191LW-,
  • NRK6201MW-, RK6191EW-0-, NRK6201GHW-,
  • RK6202LW-, NRK6201CW-, RK6191BW-, RK6201FW-,
  • RB6152BW-, RB6153BW-, RK6W2-, NRK6191GHW-,
  • N6W2NMW-, NRK6191GW-, RK6202EWUK-, RK6192EWUK-,
  • RK6191AW-0-, RK6193LW-, NRK6202MW-, RB6151AW-,
  • K7700SW-, RK6193EW-, RK6193AW-, K8700SW-,
  • RK6192BW-, RK92W-, NRK6201GW-0-, NRK6191GW-0-,
  • NRKE6192GW-, NRK6192GW-, RK63W

For those with an Upo appliance, the Upo RF3601 refrigerator handle fits the following models:

  • NRF7181AW-,
  • NRF3601-,
  • RF63EWL-,
  • NRF63EWL-,
  • NRF63EW-,
  • RF3601L-,
  • NRF7180AW-,
  • RF63EW-,
  • RF3601

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or an upgrade, this handle ensures you can access your groceries with ease, regardless of the model.


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