Harvia ZSP-250 Equivalent Heating Element 2500W (HTS012HR)

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Equivalent 2500W heating element for Harvia Club, Legend and Elegance electric sauna heaters. Replaces Harvia ZSP-250 heating element.

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Harvia ZSP-250 equivalent heating element 2500W/230V HTS012HR. With this HTS012 equivalent heating element, you can replace original Harvia ZSP-250 heating element.

Fits to following Harvia heaters:

  • Harvia Legend PO165, 3 kpl (ZSP-250) & 3 kpl (ZSP-255)
  • Harvia Elegance F15, 6 kpl (ZSP-250)
  • Harvia Elegance F16,5, 3 kpl (ZSP-250) & 3 kpl (ZSP-255)
  • Harvia Club K13,5G, 3 kpl (ZSP-250) & 3 kpl (ZSS-120)
  • Harvia Club Combi K13,5GS, 3 kpl (ZSP-250) & 3 kpl (ZSS-120), 1 kpl (ZH-104)
  • Harvia Club K15G, 6 kpl (ZSP-250)
  • Harvia Club Combi K15GS, 6 kpl (ZSP-250), 1 kpl (ZH-104)

Club (KG), Elegance (F), Legend (PO)

Sauna heater power (kW)

13,5 kW, 15 kW, 16 kW, 16,5 kW


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