Moccamaster Silicone Gasket 60016

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Moccamaster Silicone Gasket 60016 is a durable, high-quality spare part. Ensures your coffee maker’s airtight functionality. Easy to install, suitable for all models.

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The Moccamaster Silicone Gasket 60016 is an indispensable spare part for your coffee machine maintenance. This seal is strategically positioned at both ends of the glass tube, ensuring a secure and tight connection between the delivery pipe and the water reservoir. It boasts a height of 24 mm, a collar diameter of 27 mm, thicker part outer diameter of 22 mm, and thinner part outer diameter of 18 mm. Compatible with all Moccamaster models, this silicone gasket may come in either black or light silicone, varying by model. Replacing it is straightforward but requires detaching the water tank, achievable through a few simple steps:

  1. disconnect the power cord,
  2. drain the water,
  3. remove the base plate,
  4. detach the rubber hose,
  5. and unscrew the water tank screws.
  6. You can also find a lot of videos on YouTube which you can watch from this link

As an authentic Moccamaster spare part, this silicone gasket is robust and designed for longevity.

Moccamaster Silicone Gasket 60016 – Product Details:

  • Compatible with all Clubline, Homeline, H, HB, HBG, CDCDK008, CDK010, GCS, KBGT, K740, K741, K851, KB40, KB741, KB851, KBG40, KBG741, MOCCASTART, K3000 models
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Spare part code: 60016 (60010, 60015)


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