Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Philips Oslo+

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Accessory dust bags that fit many different vacuum cleaner manufacturers. High quality accessory dust bags are a good alternative to the original ones. Check compatibility before ordering.

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Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Philips Oslo+
A package contains four dustbags, one micro filter and one engine filter

4x vacuum cleaner bag
1x micro filter
1x engine filter

Material: Synthetic

Karstadt BS 8811 Genial
Karstadt BS 8822 Genial
Lloyds 150/130
Miostar HN 4500
Nilfisk NewLine
Philips HR 6300…6326
Philips HR 6340…6800
Philips S 6380
Philips S 6500
Philips S 6580
Philips S 6838
Philips TC 400…999
Philips Azur T 300…800
Philips Classique TCX 400…999
Philips Excel
Philips Furore
Philips GoldenMagic
Philips Marathon
Philips Original HR 6938 Oslo
Philips Original HR 6939
Philips Oslo HR 6938
Philips Oslo HR 6939
Philips Oslo HR 6983
Philips Silence
Philips Turbomax
Philips Vision Excel HR 8700…8899
Philips Vitall HR 6371…6396
Philips Vitall V 371…396
Ruton 12015
Ruton 8887111
Ruton RO 7111

Accessory dust bag fit

Karstadt BS 8811 Genial, Karstadt BS 8822 Genial, Lloyds 150/130, Miostar HN 4500, Nilfisk NewLine, Philips Azur T 300…800, Philips Classique TCX 400…999, Philips Excel, Philips Furore, Philips GoldenMagic, Philips HR 6300…6326, Philips HR 6340…6800, Philips Marathon, Philips Original HR 6938 Oslo, Philips Original HR 6939, Philips Oslo HR 6938, Philips Oslo HR 6939, Philips Oslo HR 6983, Philips S 6380, Philips S 6500, Philips S 6580, Philips S 6838, Philips Silence, Philips TC 400…999, Philips Turbomax, Philips Vision Excel HR 8700…8899, Philips Vitall HR 6371…6396, Philips Vitall V 371…396, Ruton 12015Ruton 8887111, Ruton RO 7111


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