S-bag E203S dust bags 4pcs anti-odour

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S-bag E203S dust bags Anti-Odour unique features of the product:

Absorbs and neutralizes unpleasant odors: unlike ordinary moisture-absorbing paper bags. The synthetic material of Anti-Odor s-bag® is coated with an odor-absorbing wax, which captures unpleasant odors and prevents them from leaving the vacuum cleaner. Pet owners really appreciate this unique odor eater.

Higher suction power:

Durable synthetic material ensures optimal airflow and offers to your vacuum cleaner long-lasting suction power when the dust bag is full.

Large filtration capacity:

High filtration power: S-bag E203S bust bags Anti-Odour man-made fiber material filters up to 99% of dust, pollen, allergens and other particles.

The Powerflow ™ S-bag® is designed with a special fold, which gives it more capacity compared to a flat bag. Powerflow makes the bag flexible and easier to place in a vacuum cleaner.

Improved closure system – durable and hygienic: The closure system has been redesigned, and it is stiffer with stronger material and thanks to new sealing technology. With this you make sure that the s-bag® closes every time and doesn’t break or leak. A dust bag is easy to place in the vacuum cleaner. It is also hygienic, for the mouth of the bag closes automatically, when it is removed from the vacuum cleaner. This way dust will not spread into the air, and changing the bag is going cleanly and fast.

S-bag® is also available in different materials for different needs and to ensure the best performance of the vacuum cleaner: Classic Long Performance, Anti-Allergy ja Ultra Long Performance.

For optimal performance bags should be changed regularly and filters should be replaced of every fourth bag change. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they are externally dirty. The use of non-original s-bag® dustbags may reduce the performance of the vacuum cleaner

This packaging contains 4 synthetic s-bag® Anti-Odor vacuum cleaner bags


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