Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Miele FJM

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REPLACED WITH Miele FJM Dust Bags 4-pack + Filter (Swirl) Accessory dust bags that fit many different vacuum cleaner manufacturers. High quality accessory dust bags are a good alternative to the original ones. Check compatibility before ordering.

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REPLACED WITH DUBG220MIE4 / Miele FJM Dust Bags 4-pack + Filter (Swirl)

Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag Miele FJM
Package contains four dustbags, one micro filter and one engine filter.

4x vacuum cleaner bag
1x micro filter
1x engine filter

Material : Synthetic

Accessory dust bag fit

Miele 1800, Miele Active H.E.P.A, Miele Allergy 2000, Miele Allergy Cosmos, Miele Allervac 700, Miele Alu M.A.X., Miele Ambiente/Plus, Miele Anniversary 100, Miele Argento, Miele Artico, Miele Automatic, Miele Baby Care 500 Plus, Miele Black Diamond, Miele Black Magic S4, Miele Black Pearl, Miele Blue 700, Miele Blue Star, Miele Blue Vert, Miele Brillant 2400, Miele Brillant 3500, Miele Brillant 5600, Miele Brillant 7600, Miele C, Miele Caramel 700, Miele Champagne, Miele Classic, Miele Clean H.E.P.A S 500….599, Miele Clean parkette, Miele Cleanteam 700, Miele Cleanteam 700 Plus, Miele Cleanteam S 700, Miele Commodore, Miele Control 700mMiele Crystal, Miele Deluxe, Miele Electric blue, Miele Electronic 1800, Miele Electronic 2000, Miele Electronic 2500, Miele Electronic 2900, Miele Electronic 3000….3900, Miele Electronic 4300, Miele Electronic 4310, Miele Electronic 5100, Miele Electronic 5200, Miele Electronic 5700, Miele Electronic 7100, Miele Elna, Miele Esprit, Miele Euroclassic 2100, Miele Euroclassic 2200, Miele Euroclassic 3300, Miele Eurostar, Miele Exklusive, Miele Expert, Miele Exquisit C, Miele Exquisit GTI, Miele Exquisit M, Miele Exquisit SE, Miele Exquisit XS, Miele Festival, Miele Flamenco II, Miele Floorcare, Miele Fushia, Miele Gala, Miele Gold, Miele Graphito S4, Miele Green Magic 2000, Miele Greenstar S 241i….256i, Miele Grünes Kreuz, Miele H.E.P.A, Miele Hardfloor Salsa, Miele Hybrid, Miele Hygenic Power, Miele Indigo, Miele Jazz, Miele Ltd Edition, Miele Magic, Miele Magic Blue Magic, Miele Match winner, Miele Medi Vac 500, Miele Medi Vac S 4000….4999, Miele Medicair 4000Miele Medicair 4000 Plus, Miele Medicair Aluminium, Miele Medical Team, Miele Mercury, Miele Mint 700, Miele Mondia Calypso, Miele Mondia JS, Miele Mondia M, Miele Mondia MX, Miele Mondia RS, Miele Mondia S, Miele Mondia ST, Miele Mondia SX, Miele Monte Verde, Miele Moon, Miele Moonlight, Miele Mystigrey, Miele Noblesse, Miele Novostar, Miele Oceanito S4, Miele Omnia Plus, Miele Passion, Miele Pastelito S4, Miele Pearl 300, Miele Peppermint Plus, Miele Performance, Miele Platinum, Miele Plus, Miele Power, Miele Primavera, Miele Raffinesse, Miele Red Magic, Miele Revolution 500, Miele Revolution 700, Miele Rosito, Miele Rubin, Miele Ruby, Miele S 1400, Miele S 2000, Miele S 2411, Miele S 290….299, Miele S 300, Miele S 3800, Miele S 3900, Miele S 4281, Miele S 6000….6999, Miele S 700….799, Miele S 7000….7999, Miele S 711, Miele Senator, Miele Siena, Miele Silence Plus, Miele Silver, Miele Solaris, Miele Solution 2000, Miele Sonata, Miele Special, Miele Star, Miele Starlight, Miele Summertime, Miele Sunflower, Miele Sunshine, Miele Superior, Miele Tango Plus, Miele Team, Miele Titanium, Miele Top Model, Miele Topas Plus, Miele Torino, Miele Total Care TT, Miele Tropic, Miele Turbo, Miele Vanilla Power, Miele Velvet, Miele Venezia, Miele White Pearl Metalic Power, Miele Xtra Care, Miele Zac


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