Sawo Timer switch

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Sawo Timer switch for Nordex, Nordex Mini, Mini & Mini X, Scandia, Savonia, Aries, Tower, Phoenix, Cumulus and Cirrus & Rock models

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Sawo Timer switch HP01-011 is one of Sawo’s most popular electric heater timers and it is suitable for many heaters.

Timer fits to these following Sawo heaters:

  • Nordex
  • Nordex Mini
  • Mini & Mini X
  • Scandia
  • Savonia
  • Aries
  • Tower
  • Phoenix
  • Cumulus
  • Cirrus & Rock

Aries (ARI), Cirrus (CIR), Cirrus Rock (CRR), Cumulus (CML), Mini (MN), Mini X (MX), Nordex (NR), Nordex Mini (NRMN), Phoenix (PNX), Savonia (SAV), Scandia (SCA), Tower (TH)


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