Sawo Sauna Timer Switch (HP01-011)

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Sawo Sauna Timer Switch (HP01-011) for Nordex, Nordex Mini, Mini & Mini X, Scandia, Savonia, Aries, Tower, Phoenix, Cumulus and Cirrus & Rock  NB-models

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The Sawo Sauna Timer Switch (HP01-011) elevates your sauna experience to a new level. With this timer, you can set your sauna to heat up at your preferred time, offering 4 hours of direct heating and an additional 8 hours of pre-timing. Designed to fit all Sawo NB electric heaters, the HP01-011 model provides a simple solution for pre-heating your sauna.

Product Details:

  • Part Number: HP01-011
  • Timer Duration: 4h on + 8h pre-timer
  • Compatibility: Sawo NB series heaters, including Nordex, Nordex Mini, Mini & Mini X, Scandia, Savonia, Aries, Tower, Phoenix, Cumulus, and Cirrus & Rock.

This timer not only enhances the efficiency of your sauna usage but also saves energy by precisely timing the heat. Whatever your needs, the Sawo Sauna Timer (HP01-011) makes your sauna sessions effortless and more enjoyable. Get yours now and experience even better moments in your sauna.

Compatible Sawo sauna heaters:

Compatible Sawo Aries Corner heaters

Model Power
ARI3-90NB-CNR 9 kW
ARI3-75NB-CNR 7.5 kW
ARI3-60NB-CNR 6 kW
ARI3-45NB-CNR 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Aries Round heaters

Model Power
ARI6-90NB 9 kW
ARI3-90NB 9 kW
ARI3-75NB 7.5 kW
ARI3-60NB 6 kW
ARI3-45NB 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Aries Wall heaters

Model Power
ARI3-90NB-WL 9 kW
ARI3-75NB-WL 7.5 kW
ARI3-60NB-WL 6 kW
ARI3-45NB-WL 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Cirrus heaters

Model Power
CIR3-90NB 9 kW
CIR3-75NB 7.5 kW
CIR3-60NB 6 kW
CIR3-45NB 4.5 kW
CIR2-60NB 6 kW
CIR2-50NB 5 kW
CIR2-40NB 4 kW
CIR2-30NB 3 kW

Compatible Sawo Cirrus Rock heaters

Model Power
CRR3-90NB 9 kW
CRR3-75NB 7.5 kW
CRR3-60NB 6 kW
CRR3-45NB 4.5 kW
CRR2-60NB 6 kW
CRR2-50NB 5 kW
CRR2-40NB 4 kW
CRR2-30NB 3 kW

Compatible Sawo Cubos heaters

Model Power
CUB3-90NB 9 kW
CUB3-75NB 7.5 kW
CUB3-60NB 6 kW
CUB3-45NB 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Cumulus heaters

Model Power
CML-90NB 9 kW
CML-80NB 8 kW
CML-60NB 6 kW
CML-45NB 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Mini heaters

Model Power
MN-36NB 3.6 kW
MN-30NB 3 kW
MN-23NB 2.3 kW

Compatible Sawo Mini X heaters

Model Power
MX-36NB 3.6 kW
MX-30NB 3 kW
MX-23NB 2.3 kW

Compatible Sawo Nordex Mini heaters

Model Power
NRMN-23NB 2.3 kW
NRMN-30NB 3 kW
NRMN-36NB 3.6 kW

Compatible Sawo Nordex Plus heaters

Model Power
NRX-90NB 9 kW
NRX-80NB 8 kW
NRX-60NB 6 kW
NRX-45NB 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Scandia heaters

Model Power
SCA-90NB 9 kW
SCA-80NB 8 kW
SCA-60NB 6 kW
SCA-45NB 4.5 kW

Compatible Sawo Tower Corner heaters

Model Power
TH6-90NB-CNR 9 kW
TH6-80NB-CNR 8 kW
TH5-80NB-CNR 8 kW
TH4-60NB-CNR 6 kW
TH3-60NB-CNR 6 kW
TH3-45NB-CNR 4.5 kW
TH3-35NB-CNR 3.5 kW
TH2-30NB-CNR 3 kW

Compatible Sawo Tower Round heaters

Model Power
TH6-90NB 9 kW
TH6-80NB 8 kW
TH5-80NB 8 kW
TH4-60NB 6 kW
TH3-60NB 6 kW
TH3-45NB 4.5 kW
TH3-35NB 3.5 kW
TH2-30NB 3 kW

Compatible Sawo Tower Wall heaters

Model Power
TH6-90NB-WL 9 kW
TH6-80NB-WL 8 kW
TH5-80NB-WL 8 kW
TH4-60NB-WL 6 kW
TH3-60NB-WL 6 kW
TH3-45NB-WL 4.5 kW
TH3-35NB-WL 3.5 kW
TH2-30NB-WL 3 kW

Aries (ARI), Cirrus (CIR), Cirrus Rock (CRR), Cumulus (CML), Mini (MN), Mini X (MX), Nordex (NR), Nordex Mini (NRMN), Phoenix (PNX), Savonia (SAV), Scandia (SCA), Tower (TH)


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