Sawo Tower Heating Element 1150W TH115

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Sawo TH115 Heating Element 1,15kW HP41-002

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wo Tower Heating Element 1150W TH115 Heating Element fits to Sawos tower heaters. Power of TH115 is 1150W and the heating element is 1080mm high and 88mm wide.

TH115 fits to the following models.

Tower Round:  TH3-35Ni2 3pc, TH3-35NB 3pcs, TH3-35NS 3pcs, TH6-80NB 3pcs, TH6-80NS 3pcs, TH9-105NS 9pcs, TH9-120NS 4pcs, TH12-150NS 9pcs.

Tower Corner: TH3-35NB-CNR 3pcs, TH3-35NS-CNR 3pcs

Tower Wall: TH3-35NB-WL 3pcs, TH3-35NS-WL 3pcs, TH6-80NB-WL 3pcs, TH6-80NS-WL 3pcs, TH9-105NS-WL 9pcs, TH9-120NS-WL 5pcs, TH12-150NS-WL 9pcs.

Fastener set included


Tower Corner (THCNR), Tower Round (TH), Tower Wall (THWL)

Sauna heater power (kW)

1.15 kW


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