Siemens/Bosch Dishwasher Door Spring (Black, 00754869)

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Siemens/Bosch Dishwasher Door Spring (Black, 00754869)
Door spring repair kit for 60 cm Simens and Bosch integrated dishwashers.
These kits are available in different colors, defined by the weight of the appliance door, starting from the top to the heaviest end:
  • Light blue 0075484
  • Pink / Purple 00754873
  • Green 00754870
  • Black (this product) 00754869
  • Blue 00754867
  • Red 00754866
  • Yellow 00754865
This product Siemens/Bosch Dishwasher Hatch Spring (Black, 00754869), goes halfway on the scale and is designed for furniture doors weighing 2.5 – 8.5 kg.
Also comes with installation instructions.


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