Type180 Active Carbon Filter 190mm

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Type180 active carbon filter for Upo, Electrolux, Savo and Lapetek cooker hoods. Diameter 189/167 mm and height 37 mm. Equivalent product, this filter can be used instead of original brand filters.

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Type180 active carbon filter 190mm.

Fits to many Upo, Electrolux, Savo and Lapetek cooker hoods. Remember to change the active carbon filter regularly, so that you ensure the best functionality of your cooker hood.

  • Diameter from the top 167 mm and from under 189 mm
  • Height: 37mm
  • Filter type: Type180

Can be used instead of these original active carbon filters:

  • Electrolux: 50290910004, 50268165003, 9029793784
  • Savo: HS-32, 90257
  • Gorenje: 342647, 431659


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