Upo Mangel Cogwheel Z58/135mm

24,90 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Z58/135mm cogwheel fits many Upo B0010 and B0020 -model Upo mangels.

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Z58/135mm cogwheel for many Upo mangels. This cogwheel goes to the left side of the mangel.

Fits following mangels:

  • B0010A5A
  • B0010A6A
  • A70001001
  • A70002001
  • A70010001
  • B0010A8A
  • B0010C1A
  • B0010C3A
  • B0010E2A
  • B0010E4A
  • B0010K1A
  • B0020A1A
  • B0020A3A
  • B0020E1A
  • B0020E2A


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