Vallox Flap Sprocket + Lock

7,23 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Vallox flap sprocket and lock for cooker hood MUH X-Line, Vallox X-Line and Vallox Slim-Line.

Estimated delivery time: 3-7 working days

Original Vallox spare part.

Flap sprocket and lock for Vallox and Muh controlling cooker hood flap’s adjusting.

Fits the following Cooker Hoods:

MUH X-Line Cooker hoods and fans: PTX, LTX, TTX (2798, 27982)
MUH X-Line Special hoods and cooker fans: PTXPT, TTXE (17982)
Vallox X-Line: PTX, PTXP, LTX, TTX, TTXP (27983, 27983-1)
Vallox Slim-Line: PTX, PTXP, LTX, TTX, TTXP (27983)


LTX, Vallox PTX, Vallox PTXPT, Vallox TTX, Vallox TTXE

Cooker hood model

Vallox Slim-Line, Vallox X-Line


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