Vallox Power Control Knob 1-4 Pos. (White, MC-Models)

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Vallox speed control knob 1-4 pos. for Vallox models 90K MC, X-Line ja Slim-Line

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Original Vallox spare part.

Power control knob, white.

Positions: 1-4

Fits the following air ventilation machines and cooker hoods:

Vallox 90K MC (3524)
Vallox X-Line: PTXP MC, PTXPA MC (27983)
Vallox Slim-Line: PTXP MC, PTXPA MC (27983)


Vallox 90K Mc, Vallox PTXP MC, Vallox PTXPA MC

Cooker hood model

Vallox Slim-Line, Vallox X-Line

Vallox type



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