Vallox Swing Switch For Light And Fan 4-Pole

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Vallox 4-pole swing switch for models Ilmava 100 / 120 / 240, Warm Ilmava, MUH / Vallox -attic fan, MUH cooker hoods, Vallox 1992, Multi / Digit Control, Valmet Kotilämpö, Vallox (MUH) input air heater.

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Original Vallox spare part.

4-pole swing switch for older ventilation machines and cooker hoods:

Ilmava 100 (3461, 3462, 3463, B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464)
Ilmava 120 (B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464)
Ilmava 240 (3481, 3843)
Warm Ilmava (3117)
MUH -attic fan
MUH -cooker hoods: PTS, LM, LMI, LT, TT, KT, KTS, LS, KTI (2793, 2797, 2795, 27951)
Control center Vallox 1992
Multi / Digit Control -control unit
Valmet Home heating unit (C, D, E, F)
Vallox input air heater (2352)
Vallox input air heater MUH 1000 (2353)

Measurements: 2,5cm x 2,1cm x 3cm


KT, KTI, KTS, Lämpöilmava, Muh, Muh Ilmava 100, Muh Ilmava 120, Muh Ilmava 240, MUH LM, MUH LMI, MUH LT, MUH PTS, MUH TT, Muh-Ullakkopuhallin, Multi Control, Vallox 1992, Vallox Digit Control, Vallox Tuloilmalämmittimet, Vallox-Ullakkopuhallin, Valmet Kotilämpö

Vallox type

3461, 3462, 3463, B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464, C, F, Muh 1000: 2353

Cooker hood model



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