Vallox Transformer 8 pole 0,85 A (940010)

61,60 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Vallox Transformer 8-pole for Vallox and MUH Slim-Line, Vallox Capto, Vallox Delico, X-Line cooker hoods, and fans. Also suitable for multiple Air ventilation appliances.

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Vallox Transformer 8-pole, suitable for:

  • Slim-Line,
  • Vallox Capto,
  • Vallox Delico,
  • X-Line

For cooker hoods that control the AC fan. The Vallox 8-pole transformer is also suitable for many Vallox air ventilation units, such as the MUH Ilmava and the Vallox 70K and 90K with MC and SC controls.

Also fits Vallox 1992 and 1992A controller.

You can verify Vallox Transformer 8-pole compatible products in the additional information field.

Vallox spare part number: 940010




Lämpöhattu, Lämpöilmava, LTX, Muh Ilmava 100, Muh Ilmava 120, Muh Ilmava 70 Ok, Muh Ilmava 70K, MUH LMI, MUH PTS, Vallox 70K Compact, Vallox 90K Mc, Vallox 90K Sc, Vallox KTD, Vallox KTD A, Vallox PTC AC, Vallox PTD AC, Vallox PTD EC, Vallox PTX, Vallox PTXA, Vallox PTXP, Vallox PTXP MC, Vallox PTXP SC, Vallox PTXPA, Vallox PTXPA MC, Vallox PTXPA SC, Vallox PTXPT, Vallox TTX, Vallox TTXE, Vallox TTXP

Cooker hood model

Vallox Capto, Vallox Delico, Vallox Slim-Line, Vallox X-Line

Vallox type

3461, 3462, 3463, 3471, 3472, 3473, 3475, 3476, B3461, B3462, B3463, B3464


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