We maintain the following machines and equipment

Washing machines for housing companies

Most housing associations have their own laundry facilities, which include a separate drying room in addition to the laundry. In addition to a washing machine and tumble dryer, the laundries themselves may also contain a mangle, carpet cleaner, drying cabinet and booking system.

Washing machines

We have washing machines for a wide range of uses. Each machine has its own specific programme, tailored to the uses listed below. Washing machines are available in models with an exhaust pump and an exhaust valve. 

  • Washcloth (for laundry use)
  • Cleaning textile washing machines (mop washing machine)
  • For hospital and nursing home use
  • For fire brigade use  
  • For washing carpets and mats

Service laundry / Washing machines

Washing machines for laundry use are intended for use in public areas such as laundries in housing associations. The machines are available in different sizes from 6 kg up to 30 kg. When designing and purchasing a washing machine for a communal laundry, it is important to take into account the occupancy rate of the laundry.

Drying cabinets

The range of drying cabinets includes cabinets for a wide variety of uses, such as a day-care centre, for overalls and shoes on a construction site, as well as for demanding applications in the fire service. Drying cabinets are available from 60cm wide up to 180cm wide.

The drying cabinets are of the exhaust-coupled (exhaust-vented) and heat pump-operated condensing models.

Exhaust fan dryers heat up much more than condensing models, and technical textiles such as Goretex cannot withstand the temperatures of an exhaust fan. Exhaust-coupled cabinets blow out most of the heated air, resulting in higher energy consumption and heat loss than a closed, heat-pump drying cabinet. 

A condensing or heat-pump dryer recirculates all the air, reducing heat loss. At the same time, the electricity consumption for heating is also significantly lower in a heat-pump dryer than in a cabinet with an exhaust connection.

Mop washing machines for cleaning centres 

Washing cleaning textiles requires the machine to have its own programmes to ensure that the mops are suitable for the purpose. Mop washing machines are designed for washing and wetting cleaning textiles, including mops of different types and sizes. Our range of mop washers includes machines from small 6 kg machines to larger machines weighing around 30 kg. It is also recommended to equip the mop washer with a separate strainer or tray so that all the sand that comes with the discharge water does not clog the drains. 

Professional laundry machines for medical use

Washing machines designed for use in hospitals and nursing homes have programmes for disinfection, incontinence and hospital use, for example.

Washing machines for fire brigade use 

Fire brigade laundry washing machines are designed to wash fire suits, masks, overalls, gloves. The machines have programmes for impregnating fire suits.


There are three different types of dryers, a resistance condensing, a heat pump condensing and a vented (exhaust) dryer. A resistance condenser dryer consumes significantly more energy than a heat pump dryer. A dryer with an exhaust connection blows out all moisture and warm air. 

Dryers can also be installed as a tower on top of washing machines, but it is also worth bearing in mind that if the washing machine is on a pedestal, the dryer control panel may be too high.

Industrial washing machines sales service

We sell and install professional washing machines for cleaning, housing, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and fire brigades. The brands we sell are Electrolux Professional, Miele Professional and Esteri. As part of our sales services we carry out free of charge needs assessments. With a needs assessment, we can offer you a washing machine that suits your needs. Our sales service also includes delivery and installation. After installation of the new washing machine, we will take away the old equipment at the same price. The old machines are taken to the SER recycling container located at our premises. In the container, the old washing machines are taken to the most environmentally friendly disposal possible. We recycle the styrofoam and plastic waste from the packaging of new washing machines through Jätehuolto M.Helistölä Oy.

It is therefore a versatile service. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at myynti@huoltovuorio.fi. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the sale of washing machines and our other services.