Professional appliance installation on the construction site

Our service includes the reception of household appliances, hauling, installation of drip trays and household appliances, as well as cleaning up afterwards. Test runs and commissioning checks can also be added to the service. For example, we always set up dishwashers and refrigerators. Any additional services can be agreed separately, always on a site-by-site basis. Additional services may include, for example, changing the handedness of the fridge/freezer. 

We also sell and install washing machines for construction sites and housing associations.

For more information on washing machines, see here!

We have years of experience in the installation of household appliances. We are very familiar with different brands and models of household appliances, and we can handle even the most challenging integrations etc. with professionalism. We represent a number of different appliance manufacturers, so if necessary we can get in touch with the appliance manufacturer quickly.

Our service-minded management team will always answer any questions during our opening hours, and interaction with our management team and the company requesting the service is flexible and straightforward. So please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

New appliances delivered through us

We also supply new household appliances to several companies in the Turku area. From us you can get quality appliances for your business needs easily and effortlessly. We have household appliances, air purifiers, small appliances and, for example, electric heaters directly from our warehouse. Our appliance installation service always includes clean up and the proper recycling of any old appliances.

Our customers include cities, communes, housing associations and many other companies in the private and public sectors. So we know the needs of different businesses, and we can offer just the right selection of appliances and services. We can also handle any in-warranty and out-of-warranty servicing, so you can easily get all your appliance-related services under one roof. 

Our sales team will be happy to answer your queries and requests by e-mail at myynti(a)